SF Clinical Camp 2014

We introduced SF Clinical Camp last year to fill a void – allowing motivated, bright teenagers to learn more about themselves and the world.  This is NOT treatment, but rather a fun and educational experience for teens.  We learn about Freud; subjectivity and defenses (and how defenses impact our subjective sense of self).  We learn about dreams and slips of the tongue.  We also learn about culture, the impact of culture on the individual and the family; about individual and family developmental models.  We finished up with a pretty sophisticated look at one possible psychological function of Facebook.

This year we have an added bonus!  The Chair of the Psychology Department at SFSU has agreed to speak to our campers about research in psychology.  Moreover, interested campers will have an opportunity to participate in research (with their guardian’s permission), and to learn about any study in which they participate.  Lastly, campers can apply to become members of the Society for Research on Adolescence!

This is a very exciting new development for SF Clinical Camp.  Campers are not required to participate in research.  However, it is exciting to have this as an opportunity!

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  1. Beth Ohanneson

    I have a 16 year old who’ll be a Junior at Lick- Wilmerding next year who might be very interested, although she is also working.

    What are the dates?


    • Director Post author

      The two camps are: Camp 1 June MWF for two weeks. Starts Mon June 16, and ends Fri June 27. Second session is Mon July 14 to Fri July 25. Let us know if you want other info.

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